RCM Gel Polishes


Q: I see color that comes off on my cloth when I wipe off the Purify after the Brilliance top coat?  Is that normal?

A: No, it is not normal. If your color is coming off after using the Purify it is because the Structure base coat or the LED Gel Polish is being applied too thick. Remember thin coats are needed to have a successful gel manicure.


Q: I see shrinkage in the base coat when I cure, what should I do?

A: Thin out your Structure base coat application. Before applying the Structure base coat wipe as much excess product off of the applicator brush as possible. If you can see it running down your brush then there is still too much product on the applicator brush.


Q: Can I use regular nail polish in between the Structure Base Coat and Brilliance Top Coat with this system?

A: No. You can not use polish in between the Structure and Brilliance.


Q: Is the Red Carpet Manicure line harmful to the natural nail?

A: No, Red Carpet Manicure is not harmful to the natural nail with proper application. The manicure gives your nails added strength to help in the growing process.


Q: Can I use Red Carpet Manicure on Acrylic or Gel enhancements?

A: Absolutely! Just remember to remove the shine of the enhancement with a buffer before you start the Red Carpet Manicure application just as you do on the natural nail.


Q: Why is my Red Carpet Manicure completely peeling off after only a couple days of wear?

A: Your Structure was applied entirely too thick and the front edge of your nail was not sealed from side to side. To completely seal the front edge of your nail take the applicator brush and gently sweep product on the free hanging part of the nail.


Q: Can I soak off with regular acetone to remove my Red Carpet Manicure application instead of the Erase?

A: Acetone will remove the Red Carpet Manicure application, but it is not recommended. The Erase has special moisturizing additives in it that help to not dry out the natural nail.


Q: Can I use regular alcohol to cleanse the nail instead of the Purify?

A: Using Alcohol to cleanse the nail is not recommended because it is too harsh for a Red Carpet Manicure application. When replacing the Purify with alcohol it will dull your nails instead of giving you a high shine result.


Q: Can I fill my Red Carpet Manicure application once it starts to grow out?

A: Yes, you can fill your manicure. All you need to do is take a buffer and remove the shine of the nails. Using the Purify and a lint free wipe cleanse every nail to remove filings and debris. Then repeat all of the steps of a regular application. Remember to cover the entire nail not just the re-growth.


Can I layer different Red Carpet Manicure LED Gel polish colors?

A: Definitely! That is why this line is so amazing and versatile. You can layer the colors on one another to create your own custom color!


Q: Can I use a UV light to cure my Red Carpet Manicure products?

A: Yes. The UV light has to be a 36-watt light or higher in order to cure the gel.


Q: Can I do a French Manicure with this line?

A: Yes.


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