Red Carpet Manicure #MANIGOALS LED Nail Gel Polish, 0.3 fl oz.

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Salon quality LED Gel Nail Polish. Patented formula applies like polish for weeks of mirror shine, no chipping, peeling, and non-damaging removal.

Red Carpet Manicure #MANIGOALS LED Nail Gel Polish, 0.3 fl oz.

Red Carpet Manicure LED Gel has brilliant color, up to 21 days of wear with mirror shine, no chipping or peeling. Create stronger nails with safe and gentle removal. LED Gel is LED Light cured. Shape your nails using a delicate file (file included). Clean your nails using the Purify Liquid included. Brush on the Prep liquid sanitizer. Brush on Structure Base coat in a thin coat and cure under the LED Light. Brush on your favorite RCM LED GEL polish and cure. Repeat color if desired. Brush on Brilliance Top Coat and Cure. Remove tacky residue with Purify liquid enclosed. Total manicure should take about 15 minutes.

Benefits: 21 Days of Wear l No Chipping or Peeling l Safe & Gentle Removal l LED Light Dries Gel Color Instantly

Suggested Use: Apply a color of LED Gel Nail Polish and cure with an LED light. Use with Structure Base and Brilliance Top Coat.

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